60 hrs contacts course for english spoken students.
60 hours Salesperson Real Estate Course
LUIS NIEVES INSTITUTE OF REAL ESTATE, FINANCE & LAW known as LNI leads the nation on e-learning for real estate professional. LNI with an experience of 20 years in real estate education became the first in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to offer in english and spanish approved real estate courses taught entirely online. Since then, Luis Nieves Institute has been successful in obtaining state regulatory approval to offer its courses. Luis Nieves Institute is approved by the Puerto Rico Real Estate Board to offer its courses in all Puerto Rico, and has far more courses & seminars approved, and teaches far more students than anyone else.

Luis Nieves Institute courses provide the highest levels of convenience, the primary benefit to users. The design of our courses is such that the computer controls the entire educational process, thus allowing the student to complete an entire course on his/her own schedule without the need for intervention by an instructor. But there is an instructor available online and by phone everyday for consulting and clarifying doubts or procedures related with the matters of the course.

Our courses provide a totally asynchronous learning environment that provides maximum convenience to the user. The courses are completed on the Internet using the Microsoft Internet Explorer™ web browser, Firefox, Chrome, Safari on your computer.
Each lesson is an interactive tutorial that presents information and asks you questions about what you have read. The interactive learning process monitors your progress and provides feedback as needed to help you learn the material easily. The lessons are designed so you can work at your own pace. It is easy to use and does not require extensive prior experience with computers or tablets.

A key component in Luis Nieves Institute's success has been its leadership in establishing high standards for the design of distance education that have enabled us to obtain regulatory approvals.

LNI owns its Distance Education Certification for the distance education methodology of distance education instructors and providers. Because of its successful track record, Luis Nieves Institute was influential in helping to develop high standards for distance education courses, and was the first school to have courses approved by the Real Estate Board of Puerto Rico.

REMEMBER IT IS VERY IMMPORTANT TO DO before YOU start any lesson you might read the LNI policy once the access is given to enter to any lesson is understood that you have read and ACCEPTED it and non reimbursement of your payment will apply.
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60 Hour Real Estate Salesperson Course in English
Course Number: LNI-reb-online
Section: english
Course Syllabus
Welcome to Luis Nieves Institute of Real Estate, Finance & Law, real estate broker course. In this document, you will learn about the scope of the course, as well as administrative specifics, such as grading and certificates.
Course Description: The Law 10 of 1994, Regulates the Profession and business of Real Estate of Puerto establishes minimum standards for pre-licensing real estate education. In order to fulfill the pre- licensing education requirements; brokers must complete thorough and meaningful training that will meet the 60 hour minimum requirement as well as prepare them for their licensing examination.
This series of courses has been developed by industry experts using proven instructional methodologies. This course includes instructor presentation along with engaging hands- on activities designed to reach all learning styles.
Instructor Background: Luis Nieves Morillo, juris doctor, Realtor, GRI, REEA,ARES, professor of Real Estate for more than a decade, also is owner of Luis Nieves Institute of Real Estate, Finance & Law, Luis Nieves Realty, Luis Nieves Real Estate Professional Society, Vice-president of the Puerto Rico Association of Real Estate Schools. He holds the Puerto Rico broker’s license and is member of the Association of Realtor, Real Estate Educators Association, Graduated Institute of Realtors.
Instructor contact Available Monday-thru Thursday business hours 2:00-3:00 PM
Students are required to complete all lessons of the course to successfully complete the course. Non- compliance will result in not receiving a certificate of completion, no course refund, and no credit towards licensing requirements. 
Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
  1. Identify critical aspects of the history of the Real Estate industry as a basis for today’s market and laws.
  2. Define key terminology of the Real Estate industry as applicable to today’s market.
  3. Define the ethics of real estate practices as it relates to laws, fraud, marketing and ethical behaviors;
  4. List, study and have knowledge of the laws and their key attributes that impact real estate such as Registry and Mortgage Law, Civil Code Sections,Taxes, Appraisal, Finance such as: RESPA, TIL, ECOA, Subsidies, etc.
  5. Recognize the purpose, contents and procedures of transactions, contracts and documents of Real Estate..
  6. Identify government agency procedures, finance closing procedures, including settlement, fees, title policies, and funding.
  7. List key characteristics of real estate loan programs from the traditional Conventional products to Government, Reverse, and other non-traditional products, and the guidelines for each subsidies.
  8. Accurately execute taxes, appraisals, finance and math problems.
  9. Outline “Best Practices” of Real Estate acts.
  10. Identify key concepts of Contracts and Legal General Aspects, the guidelines in place and the risk analysis involved
  11. Identify issues surrounding Property Management, Condominium, and Home Owners association contracts and laws.
  12. Recognize the broker, salesperson and realty’s roles, sales technics, management and responsibilities in real estate market.
  13. Recognize prohibits acts, fraud in each transaction of real estate, its different types and how to solve its dilemas.
Purpose for the Course: The purpose of this course is to prepare real estate brokers for successful completion of the pre-licensing examination.
Course prerequisites: basic Knowledge of Real Estate
License-Real estate broker
  1. Any natural person who wishes to practice the profession of real estate broker in Puerto Rico shall meet the following requirements:
  2. Present a certificate of good behavior issued by the Puerto Rico Police; by a state of the United States of America and by the foreign country, if pertinent, indicating that for five (5) years prior to the application, he/she has not been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor that implies moral turpitude; Provided, that this requirement may be met at any time before the Board issues the license. If the applicant should meet this requirement After having approved the license, and there is an indication on the certificate of convictions that disqualifies him/her from obtaining the license, the board may reject the application for failure to comply with this requirement.
  3. Be over 18 years of age.
  4. Be a high school graduate or its equivalent. 
Course Type: Online Self-Pace
Course Category: General
Course Length: The course is designed to take 60 hours to complete.
Course Deadline: Students must complete all course assignments by the dates assigned to each assignment. The course is structured to be completed within a three month or less period.
Course Materials: All materials required for the course are provided to students at course check in or are contained within the learning management system. No other materials are required.
Assessments and Activities: There are learning activities to test your knowledge throughout the course, as well as severals practice exams to test your overall mastery of the course information. Additionally, interaction between students and the instructor help ensure understanding and retention of knowledge throughout the course.
A student must receive a composite score of at least 80% or 640 points to successfully complete this course.
Students must complete individual assignments and assessments independently, without any input from another person. Non-adherence to this is cause for disqualification and immediate failure of the course.












Reading (textbook)
Graded, importance for exams and quizes
Chapter quizzes
Several quizzes of 10 items, multiple choice and fill blanks, graded, important practice for exams
Exam #1
25 items, multiple choice and written
Exam #2
25 items, multiple choice and fill blanks
Exam #3
25 items, multiple choice and fill blanks
25 items, multiple choice and fill blanks
One component
Homework #1 5%
Unit 1
Homework #2 5%
Unit 1
Homework #3 5%
Unit 2
Homework #4 5%
Unit 2
Homework #5
Appraisal Computation exercices, Taxes Computation exercices
Homework # 6
Finance Computation Exercices, Math Computation Exercices
Final Exam
100 items, multiple choice and written
800 – 600 = Pass Satisfactory
599-550 Not Pass satisfactory, need to do an extra work still have a chance to pass.
549 or less Need to take the course again.
Points are posted online as they are earned.
Reading:In addition to online material that is of critical importance to read, there are textbook reading assignments for most topics in the course. Assignments will be posted online.
Quizzes:These are mini self-tests for seeing how well you are picking up the important points of the material presented online and in the textbook. Answers and explanations are shown on linked pages, so answers can be checked immediately.  
Exams:The format of quizzes and exams is the same. There are multiple choice items and items that require paragraph-length written responses. 
Computer and Internet Requirements: Students must have an Internet connection and a computer that is able to support Internet Explorer 6.0 or later versions. Software versions of Word, PDF. Excel and Power Point is also needed.
Certificate of Completion: After you have successfully completed all assignments, passed the practice exams and a final exam, meet the course time requirements and completed the course evaluation your certificate of completion will be send by certified mail.
Course Evaluation: After you have completed the course, please take a moment to complete the course evaluation. Your feedback will help us improve our courses and develop new offerings.
Course Support: LNI staff is present throughout the duration of the course to provide support online. Additionally, support staff is available Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. ET at (787) 942-5858 or at
Happy Learning!